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I have returned's been like 7 motnhs. Did you miss me...anyone...So at the behest of certain people(you know who you are;)} I have decided to write in my livejournal once more. I dont even know if my friends still go to this so it should eb anice little suprise. So the recap.....Got 2 years school down 2 to go. Lost 10 more lbs since last time psoted. Wrestling is goin real good on for me lovin it. Patched things up with Sam so we are talkin again. So yes no more depressing wuss bag Al. I know it was a rough time but we all go through it at least once in our lives. Mine was slow and painful lol. But seriosuly I'm doing really good and am very happy with how things are going right now. Eddie Guerrero died last week which did suck a lot he was a good wrestler. Also a good friend of mine dad passed away so i keep him in my prayers. And primer has finally come home from she bitch. That was especially good to hear. I've been bsut gymin it up and workin more now. Been running alot with my running partner Becky shes a cool girl, she just has a problem never answering her phone at all lol. On the women in Al's life there have been a few since last time I wrote, never know how things will work out in that department though though ;)(hot commodity hear girls!!) Just kidin. Got no regrets though life is good and if you guys are lucky i may jsut post again.
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