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Updating at the ungoldy hour of 2 am in the morning I love insomnia. Joel' my cousin is back for 20 days on leave from the army and he's getting married....this is wicked cool I never thought he'd be the guy to have a family before any of the "crew" did but he did and kudos to him I'm jealous. I took my ASVABs today which is an army aptitude tst. I've been thinking about enlisting and doing something fun like joining the rangers and going to do special forces or being an interigator or something like that. I dunno I've been bored a lot up here and nothing is really holding me back. Wrestling is the only thing keeping me from doing it otherwise I'd be gone. But I fiugre I can do 3 years in the service and by the time I'm out I'll only be 23 or so and still have plenty of time for wrestling but I dunno, maybe I'll just pack up and move down to Rhode Island pretty soon and focus soley on wrestling you never know that's the beauty of being young...choices. Got a show to do Saturday in Providence for NCW this should be a nice fun show for the masses of my fans. On the female front nothing to important to report...haven't really been to focused on looking for anything in particular I think I'll take it easy for a while before going into anything I deem as worth my time because most of us know how the last one ended up...(nice little shot there) But you never know what will happen, I aint closing myself off at all just relaxing more I dont care what happens really.
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