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Haven't really been to faithful to the ol LJ really in recent months been busy so sorry to all my fans out there who havent got their daily fix of Al's. Well things are going really good right now, I've been gyming it up with Jay everyday bascially and hanging out with Jon-o trying to work on my truck and modify it a little at a time. My trucks been in pretty rough shape in the past few months with the accident and my brakes failing. But now i'm getting the body work done, I'm doin most of that myself which isn't to hard. But hopefully come summer it'll look really good. I'm getting an interior kit to work on the inside and I'm saving up for a fiberglass toneau(covering for cab) so it'll look pretty sweet. Physically I'm doing good I'm mainting my weight under 200 and now I'm starting to get the cool lifting veins that make you looked jcked which I have never seen a vein on me ever so this is a good sign that my body fat percentage is real low. Wrestling wise it's going pretty good. I worked the 11th and 12th of March in Conneticut for Ringside and NECW which was a blast as usual. And I got a show for NCW coming up and hopefully will be starting for PWF-NE in the near future. So on that front of my life it goes very well I jsut need to be able to go down there more often and train but it's really expensive costing me around 100 dollars a trip in gas and doof. So the highschool team I help out with for wrestling is being cut by the city of Old Town they didnt even tell the coach he had to find out by reading the paper and he was pissed. This guy eat breathes and sleeps wrestling this is his big passion in life and you can tell. Hopefully we can get a boosters club thing going and raise the money oursleves to have another season becuase we're going to have quite a few kids next years and could be contenders for states which would be a nice change as opposed to forfeiting 10 matches a night.
On the music front I've found out my man Jay's band Seal Man Investigations is in the battle of the bands April 9th at UMO and if his band wins they get to play at Bumstock which would be killer. The band is an incrdibly talented one that has a lot of promise and is starting to build a good fan base from here to Boston which is wicked cool. Also if you're into good music I reccomend you buy the Breaking Benjamins album "We are not Alone" the songs "So Cold" and "Forget it" are awesome. Well I needs to get ready for work so I'm out like Scott Vegas's fashion sense...ohhh you poned Scotty.
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