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11/22/05 12:13 am - I have returned

So...it's been like 7 motnhs. Did you miss me...anyone...So at the behest of certain people(you know who you are;)} I have decided to write in my livejournal once more. I dont even know if my friends still go to this so it should eb anice little suprise. So the recap.....Got 2 years school down 2 to go. Lost 10 more lbs since last time psoted. Wrestling is goin real good on for me lovin it. Patched things up with Sam so we are talkin again. So yes no more depressing wuss bag Al. I know it was a rough time but we all go through it at least once in our lives. Mine was slow and painful lol. But seriosuly I'm doing really good and am very happy with how things are going right now. Eddie Guerrero died last week which did suck a lot he was a good wrestler. Also a good friend of mine dad passed away so i keep him in my prayers. And primer has finally come home from she bitch. That was especially good to hear. I've been bsut gymin it up and workin more now. Been running alot with my running partner Becky shes a cool girl, she just has a problem never answering her phone at all lol. On the women in Al's life there have been a few since last time I wrote, never know how things will work out in that department though though ;)(hot commodity hear girls!!) Just kidin. Got no regrets though life is good and if you guys are lucky i may jsut post again.

6/3/05 02:30 am - It's my b day time for quizzies

Your connection with darkness is through your hate.
It's burning from the inside and you feel it
strongly everyday. All kinds of things make you
hate; the governmate, teachers/the boss,
students in school/work, family etc. Well, you
feel like the world and everyone in it hates
you, so you hate it and everyone back. You
probaly don't like changes since nothing good
ever comes out of them. Though your hate is
big, you can still have a soft spot in your
heart for someone. You're not numb or anything,
your problem lies in that you feel too much.
Life is too damn complicated, isn't it?

What is your connection with darkness? (pics)
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5/12/05 01:41 am - suprise suprise survey

Your Political Profile

Overall: 95% Conservative, 5% Liberal

Social Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Ethics: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

How Liberal / Conservative Are You?

Yah who saw that coming?

4/6/05 02:18 am - Hail

Updating at the ungoldy hour of 2 am in the morning I love insomnia. Joel' my cousin is back for 20 days on leave from the army and he's getting married....this is wicked cool I never thought he'd be the guy to have a family before any of the "crew" did but he did and kudos to him I'm jealous. I took my ASVABs today which is an army aptitude tst. I've been thinking about enlisting and doing something fun like joining the rangers and going to do special forces or being an interigator or something like that. I dunno I've been bored a lot up here and nothing is really holding me back. Wrestling is the only thing keeping me from doing it otherwise I'd be gone. But I fiugre I can do 3 years in the service and by the time I'm out I'll only be 23 or so and still have plenty of time for wrestling but I dunno, maybe I'll just pack up and move down to Rhode Island pretty soon and focus soley on wrestling you never know that's the beauty of being young...choices. Got a show to do Saturday in Providence for NCW this should be a nice fun show for the masses of my fans. On the female front nothing to important to report...haven't really been to focused on looking for anything in particular I think I'll take it easy for a while before going into anything I deem as worth my time because most of us know how the last one ended up...(nice little shot there) But you never know what will happen, I aint closing myself off at all just relaxing more I dont care what happens really.

3/29/05 12:46 pm - Frantic

Haven't really been to faithful to the ol LJ really in recent months been busy so sorry to all my fans out there who havent got their daily fix of Al's. Well things are going really good right now, I've been gyming it up with Jay everyday bascially and hanging out with Jon-o trying to work on my truck and modify it a little at a time. My trucks been in pretty rough shape in the past few months with the accident and my brakes failing. But now i'm getting the body work done, I'm doin most of that myself which isn't to hard. But hopefully come summer it'll look really good. I'm getting an interior kit to work on the inside and I'm saving up for a fiberglass toneau(covering for cab) so it'll look pretty sweet. Physically I'm doing good I'm mainting my weight under 200 and now I'm starting to get the cool lifting veins that make you looked jcked which I have never seen a vein on me ever so this is a good sign that my body fat percentage is real low. Wrestling wise it's going pretty good. I worked the 11th and 12th of March in Conneticut for Ringside and NECW which was a blast as usual. And I got a show for NCW coming up and hopefully will be starting for PWF-NE in the near future. So on that front of my life it goes very well I jsut need to be able to go down there more often and train but it's really expensive costing me around 100 dollars a trip in gas and doof. So the highschool team I help out with for wrestling is being cut by the city of Old Town they didnt even tell the coach he had to find out by reading the paper and he was pissed. This guy eat breathes and sleeps wrestling this is his big passion in life and you can tell. Hopefully we can get a boosters club thing going and raise the money oursleves to have another season becuase we're going to have quite a few kids next years and could be contenders for states which would be a nice change as opposed to forfeiting 10 matches a night.
On the music front I've found out my man Jay's band Seal Man Investigations is in the battle of the bands April 9th at UMO and if his band wins they get to play at Bumstock which would be killer. The band is an incrdibly talented one that has a lot of promise and is starting to build a good fan base from here to Boston which is wicked cool. Also if you're into good music I reccomend you buy the Breaking Benjamins album "We are not Alone" the songs "So Cold" and "Forget it" are awesome. Well I needs to get ready for work so I'm out like Scott Vegas's fashion sense...ohhh you poned Scotty.

3/25/05 11:39 pm - Quiz


??Which colour of Death is yours??
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3/25/05 02:32 am - So I did it

Ok so I posted the story it's under friends only for the read if you want to read it then ask me and i'll let you. Man it's wicked long i never typed so much in my life.

3/9/05 01:00 pm - cool little survey kinda sad too...

check the movies that you've seen from this list.....
(x)Napoleon Dynamite
( )White Noise
(x)Anger Managment
(x)50 First Dates
(x)Jason X
(x)Scream 2
(x)Scream 3
(x)Scary Movie
(x)Scary Movie 2
(x)Scary Movie 3
(x)American Pie
(x)American Pie 2
(x)American Wedding
(x)Harry Potter
(x)Harry Potter 2
(x)Harry Potter 3
(x)The Wedding Singer
( )Little Black Book
( )The Village
(x)Donnie Darko
(x)Lilo & Stitch
(x)Finding Nemo
( )Finding Neverland
(x)13 Ghosts
( )The Grudge
(x)Texas Chainsaw Massacre
(x)White Chicks
(x)Butterfly Effect
(x)I Robot
( )A Series Of Unfortunate Events
(x)Along Came A Spider
( )KingPin
(x)Never Been Kissed
(x)Meet The Parents
( )Meet The Fockers
(x)Eight Crazy Nights
( )A Cinderella Story
(x)The Terminal
( )The Lizzie McGuire Movie
( )Passport To Paris
(x)Dumb & Dumber
(x)Dumb & Dumberer
(x)Final Destination
(x)Final Destination 2
(x)The Ring
( )Practical Magic
( )Chicago
(x)Ghost Ship
( )From Hell
(x)Secret Window
(x)I Am Sam
(x)All Nine Yards
(x)The Day After Tomorrow
(x)Child's Play
(x)Bride of Chucky
(x)Ten Things I Hate About You
(x)Just Married
( )Gothika
(x)A Nightmare on Elm Street
(x)Sixteen Candles
( )Joy Ride
( )Lone Star
(x)A Bronx Tale
(x)Darkness Falls
( )Christine
(x)Children of the Corn
(x)Maid in Manhattan
( )Frailty
(x)How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
(x)She's All That
( )Calender Girls
( )Sideways
(x)Ever After
(x)Forrest Gump
(x)Big Trouble in Little China
(x)Jeepers Creepers
( )Jeepers Creepers 2
(x)Catch Me If You Can
(x)The Others
(x)Freaky Friday
( )Reign of Fire
(x)Cruel Intentions
(x)The Hot Chick
(x)Old School
(x)The Notebook
( )K-Pax
(x)Lord of the Rings
(x)Lord of the Rings 2
(x)Lord of the Rings 3
(x)Tremors 2
(x)Tremors 3
( )Tremors 4
( )Critters 2
( )Critters 3
(x)My Big Fat Greek Wedding
(x)O Brother Where Art Thou?
(x)Cold Mountain
( )Hidalgo
( )Phatom of the Opera
( )Eurotrip
(x)Matrix 2
(x)Matrix 3

3/2/05 10:34 am - quiz why don they work

ok ive benn trying to psot quizzes and they dont work what is up?

Your Silver-Age Superhero Career
LJ Username
Your alias first-name is:
Your alias last-name is:
You can turn....
You team up with... poptartgurl34
...to battle: Michael Moore
You petition to join: the Supreme Court
Their response: they just shake their heads adamantly
You are best remembered for: the way you'd freak out every time someone wanted you to introduce them to Batman
Your heroic level: - 55%
This Quiz by sigma7 - Taken 58865 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

1/27/05 08:37 pm

Proton -- You are a homebody and generally stick to
what you know and what is familiar. However,
you still have a very powerful personality. You
have a positive outlook on things and you get
along well with electrons and those who are

What kind of subatomic particle are you?
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